Middle School Students To Run Marathon Bahamas

Expect to see a whole lot of young faces crossing Marathon Bahamas’ finish line in January. Forty students from the Governor General’s Youth Award (GGYA) will be participating in Marathon Bahamas’ Students Run Marathon Bahamas program in the new year.  GGYA is a program designed to help youths develop a positive self-image and various life skills.

Participating in Marathon Bahamas will give GGYA participants an opportunity to run their first marathon, and in doing so, promote a fit and healthy lifestyle.  The event – a first for the marathon – will be dubbed the “Orange Run.”  Students will run a total of 25 miles throughout the fall and early winter.

Each student will have to produce a copy of their training log, signed by their leader and presented to the GGYA coordinator by January 7. The log must indicate that each student has completed 25 miles of running to the specific date.

Then, on January 17, the students will run their final 1.2 miles alongside Marathon Bahamas finishers. Executive Director of the GGYA, Denise Mortimer says the marathon presents an opportunity to bring awareness to young people who are involved in a “very positive activity.”

“It’s also an avenue to hopefully get more persons, young and not so young, to recognize and appreciate the benefits of incorporating healthy lifestyles into their lives. In this instance, it’s fitness. This will give GGYA participants another opportunity to challenge themselves physically,” she said. “It will also encourage them to participate in a sport and other physical recreation for the improvement of health and fitness.”

Ms. Mortimer said she feels Marathon Bahamas will showcase GGYA participants’ involvement in an event that they can benefit from physically and mentally.  “It can help them to develop a daily fitness routine earlier in life. As Marathon Bahamas is an international event with a very high local profile, we know that being a part of this upcoming race is an opportunity that many of them will gladly embrace.”

“A special thank you to Sunshine Insurance and Marathon Bahamas Race Director Pam Richardson for inviting GGYA to be a part of this amazing event. Thanks also to the sponsors and volunteers who made it possible for 40 of our participants to take up yet another challenge.”

During January’s race, the course will be closed to vehicular traffic, enhancing safety for participants. Students will start the last 1.2 miles of their marathon at marathon mile marker 25 on Ferguson Street, immediately east of Saunders Beach.