Marathon Bahamas Half-Marathon Race Recap

Usually bloggers italicize disclosures to kind of hide them, but I’m going to straight up bold this: Thank you to the Bahamas Tourist Office for hosting me for an amazing winter weekend in the islands!

In December, I got an email asking if I was running a half-marathon in The Bahamas.


It turns out the Bahamas Tourist Office hosts lots of press trips every year to expose writers (and in turns, their audiences) to all the cool initiatives they’re doing on the 16 main islands. For example, on the 16th, 16 brides got married on the 16 islands, all at 16:00, and the Bahamas covered a portion of their wedding costs. (But I’ll write more about other cool Bahamian things in another post this week — I’m going to focus on the race for this one.)

I’m currently training for the D.C. RNR Half, but I haven’t run more than 7 miles yet. The last time I ran more than 7 was probably when I ran the Heartbreak Hill Half in June. So I had zero goals for this, other than to finish and have fun and enjoy a scenic race in another country!

Per some really weird pre-race tradition, I woke up with my period on Saturday morning. I knew this would make for an awesome combination with the hot weather. …….

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